with the experience of a priest

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

While all my friends were
With their lovers, I was in
My apartment watching
TV series and taking breaks
To masturbate; this is how
It’s always been though
Change is supposed to be
Constant. As highly as I held
My solitude, I did yearn for
Companionship, feet
To rub mine against as
‘Skins’ played, but without
Intention, I evaded and
Sabotaged every chance to
Be seen long enough lest
Dreadful suspicions be
Confirmed. When my friends
Left their lovers, they came
To me ’cause I was the second
Best thing; I’ve always been
The second best option and
During my much younger
Years, I directed anger and
Blame to the wrong people;
Especially those periods I was drunk
On the dormant river and
Subtle desperation, putting
Intense focus on someone
Around and expecting them to
Fulfil dreams I denied myself.
My friends always came to me
For advice especially concerning
Their relationships; it seems to be
That all my time of inactivity is spent
In observation that I never apply
Personally, which is truly a shame.


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